Pumpkin Soup!!!

How is it already Wednesday?!?!?! Last week our school district was on Fall Break, which means I was able to work on several TPT projects! Yea!!!!! Who wants to see one of my favorite, newly finished products? 

Today I am linking up with Mrs. Jumps Class for “Book Talk Tuesday” (a day late) and with Scarlett over at Speech Is Sweet for “Wild About Books Wednesday”. In honor of the newly finished project...I present to you....”Pumpkin Soup” by Helen Cooper!

If you haven’t read “Pumpkin Soup” put it on your MUST_READ list! 

This adorable book begins with 3 great friends (cat, squirrel and duck) who live together, have fun together and cook together in a little cottage in the woods. They each have their own jobs when it comes to cooking...cat does the slicing, squirrel does the stirring and duck adds the salt. One morning, duck decides he wants to be the Head Cook...the one in charge of the stirring. A squabble begins and duck storms off!!! It’s getting later and later and duck is still gone. You’re going to have to read the book to see what cat and squirrel do to try and find duck! Do they find duck? Do they make-up? Do they cook one more batch of pumpkin soup together? 

Here is how I am going to use my sweet little companion “Pumpkin Soup: A Book Companion for Language” in therapy (Click here or on any of the images):
***Vocabulary: This book is full of great vocabulary! I am going to address some basic (Tier 1) vocabulary with some of my students and some more difficult (Tier 2) words with others! We can talk about what the Tier 2 words mean and later in the week the kids can define the words on their own!

***Sequencing and Story Retell: We are going to use this nifty little story mat to determine what happens in the beginning, middle and end of the book!

***Comprehension Questions: We are going to answer questions about the book. My higher kids will expressively answer the questions and my lower level kids can choose their answer from a field of 3.

***Past Tense Verbs: We are going to complete sentence prompts to talk about what cat, squirrel and duck did throughout the story.

***Singular vs Plural Sort: We are going to categorize based on whether the pictures show singular nouns or plural nouns. A great way to work on sorting and singular/plural all in one!
***Synonyms and Antonyms: All of these words are based off the book! See...it’s full of great vocabulary!!! First, we are going to look at two words and decide if the words are synonyms or antonyms. Then, we are going to name synonyms and antonyms and complete a matching activity.

What else can we do: 
*We can talk about conflict resolution.
*We can talk about emotions.
*We can talk about cause and effect. 
*We can “pretend” to make pumpkin soup.

Don’t forget to buy the book and go grab “Pumpkin Soup: A Book Companion for Language” (here).

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See you soon, 

The Speech Owl


  1. Thanks for linking up and introducing me to a new book! There are so many great fall books! Also, I love your book companions - they're so thorough and no prep!

    1. Thanks Scarlett!!! There are almost too many fall books to choose from!

  2. That sounds like a really cute book! Your companion packet looks good, too!

    1. Thank you so much Mary! I love this book!

  3. What a cute book and companion to go with it!! I will have to check it out for next year :)

  4. Thanks Brittany! It is a great one that can last all fall!