The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid Of Anything-"Book Talk Tuesday" and "Wild About Books Wednesday"

I LOVE FALL!!!! I love the color of the changing leaves (especially here in Tennessee)! I love pumpkin everything! I love the excitement of halloween! I love the halloween parties! I love the FOOTBALL games!!! (That one may be my favorite!) 
And . . . I love using “The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid Of Anything” by Linda Williams in my therapy sessions!

Yet again, I am linking up with Mrs. Jump’s Class for “Book Talk Tuesday” and Speech Is Sweet for “Wild About Books Wednesday”! Can you guess which book I’m going to talk about today? You got it . . . ”The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid Of Anything”. Keep reading to see how I plan to use this book and my brand new book companion (click here or on any of the images) in therapy!
The little old lady keeps running into all kinds of crazy things on her walk home . . . shoes, pants, a shirt, gloves, a hat, and a scary pumpkin head! When everything shows up at her door she comes up with a brilliant plan! She whispers her plan to the pumpkin head and heads off to bed! The next morning, when she wakes up, she sees something new outside! Can you guess what it was?!?! 

Here is how I am going to use this book in therapy . . .
    *Sequencing- We are going to use the story mat and the retell booklet to put the events in the correct order and then retell what happened. 

    *Comprehension Questions- We are going to work on answering who, what and where questions. Depending on the level of my students we will either use the “Question Cards” or the “Questions Strips” with answers in a field of 3.

    *Past Tense Verbs- We are going to talk about what the clothing items are doing and what they did. 

    *Same and Different- We are going to work on identifying which ones are the same or which one is different. 

    *Inferencing- We are going to work on listening to clues and deciding what could happen next. 

    *Emotions-We are going to talk about facial features and talk about emotions across different scenarios. 

    *Describing-We are going to spend some time describing the clothing from the story. 

    *Following Directions-We are going to follow simple directions to make a cute little scarecrow. (You can get the pattern here.)

Happy Fall Y’all!

The Speech Owl


  1. I need to get more "old lady" books :) Your book companion is adorable!

    1. Thanks Kim! They are some of my favorites!

  2. Thanks for linking up! Love this companion! Last week I bought two companions for this book haha.. I'll add this one to,my wishlist! I can never have enough activities for my favorite books lol