Wednesday, October 1, 2014

The Littlest Pumpkin

Today is Wednesday!!! Guess what that means....2 things...1) only 2 more days this week and 2) it’s “Wild About Books Wednesday”! Today I am linking up with Scarlett over at Speech is Sweet to talk about some awesome books! I’m a day late, but, I’m also linking up with with Mrs. Jump’s class for “Book talk Tuesday”. I’m super excited to tell you guys about “The Littlest Pumpkin” by R. A. Herman and how I plan to use it in my speech and language sessions!!!
Just like a lot of our kiddos, the littlest pumpkin has some really big dreams for her life! She want’s to be a jack-o-lantern on Halloween!
Kids continue showing up to the farm stand and picking out the pumpkin they want to take home. No one is picking the littlest pumpkin. Just like in real life, sometimes things don’t work the way we want them to. 
Look at the pumpkins that are left behind... (they all end up going home with someone before the book is over). 
Eventually, the littlest pumpkin is left all alone...or so she thinks. 
The mice of the farm stand are going to have a Halloween party for themselves. Guess who gets turned into the party's jack-o-lantern...yes...THE LITTLEST PUMPKIN!
Here are some thoughts of how I am going to use this book in therapy..
  1. Comprehension questions- This is the obvious one. There are so many who and what questions that can be asked!
  2. Describing- Let’s talk about all of the pumpkins that were left behind...bruised, lumpy, bumpy, little, etc. Let’s talk about the parts of the pumpkin. Let’s taste pumpkin seeds.  Oh so many ways to describe!!!
  3. Sequencing and retell- Can your kids tell you what happened?
  4. Emotions- what emotions do the jack-o-lantern faces show?

I think this should hold us for a few days, since we’re on fall break next week! I hope you enjoy this book as much as we do!

The Speech Owl

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  1. Thanks for linking up! This book looks soooo cute! I need to check it out. :)