A look at my week...

Happy Friday!!!! I am so sad that I am not at ASHA right now, but I’m looking on the bright side and remembering it’s FRIDAY! Around here, Friday means a few things....1) it’s the WEEKEND, 2) it’s time for the “FIVE for Friday” Linky Party with DoodleBugs Teaching 
and 3) it’s time for the “Week in Review” Linky Party with Old School Speech

I haven’t been so great at keeping up with it lately but I’m here today! So let’s get started...

This week in Tennessee it has been a little crazy. We’ve had “snow” 2 times this week. By “snow” I mean there was a trace on the ground. Here in the south we don’t get tons of snow...so...when we do see some, the kids get a little SILLY! 
That is all we got...not even enough for a snowball! 
My favorite old lady and my favorite little mouse came for a visit this week! We worked on vocabulary, sequencing, comprehension questions and sooooo much more. 
Click on the image to visit my TPT store and grab the companions! It’s not to late! 
In our Lifeskills Speech/OT group we learned about cornucopias. 
Since the cornucopia was a symbol of a successful harvest we, discussed fruits and vegetables and filled our cornucopia with things that can be harvested. Depending on the kid they “put in”, labeled or identified the fruit vs the vegetable. 
Then for the OT piece the kids made their own cornucopias out of brown lunch bags. Just like the one above. 
For one lucky group we moved on to snowmen. My friend, Brittany, over at Speech Made Simple has a fantastic book companion for Snowmen all Year by Caralyn Buehner. I’ll be writing a review of this companion early next week so make sure to stop by and check it out! 
Want to grab a copy for yourself?...Click here or on the image.
Last but not least....I received this!!!! 
The warehouse sale may be one of my favorite times of year! This children’s book junkie can’t wait...but I have to...for a few more weeks anyway!

How was your week?!?!?!

See you soon!

The Speech Owl


  1. I love your book companions- they look great!! I might have to get one of those for next year :) Yay for using my Snowmen companion!!!! I can't wait to use it myself :) Ooohh and I will also be going to a Scholastic sale very soon- that's actually where I got my Snowmen book. Have a great Thanksgiving!!

    1. Thanks Brittany...You rock! Can't wait to finish my review of your companion! The sale is seriously my favorite...sometimes I have a hard time finding new stuff because I already own so many of the books!

  2. I LOVE the Scholastic book sale! One of the warehouses is not far from my house!!! Looking forward to your review...I have the book & need a packet for it.
    Thank you so much for linking up!

    1. The sale is seriously my favorite! I will be posting the review of Brittany's product tomorrow! I'll let you in on a little early secret...it's a fantastic companion!