I Know An Old Lady Who Swallowed A Pie and Book Companion

Come and get it!!!! It’s almost Thanksgiving and that means families and friends are going to be sitting around the table, sharing stories and eating lots and lots of food! 

Lets take a look at a Thanksgiving staple in many classrooms and speech/language rooms...”I Know An Old Lady Who Swallowed A Pie” by Alison Jackson. This book is hilarious! How many crazy things can one old lady eat? She eats everything from the turkey to the pie to a pot. Why, oh why, does she eat all of this?! Surely she’ll get sick...or at least turn into a Thanksgiving parade balloon! What?! Does that even make sense?! You and your students will laugh along with this old lady all the way through Thanksgiving!

There are so many language skills to address with this book! I have found book companions to be the easiest, most structured way to address many of my student’s language goals. 

And guess what?! I have a book companion perfect for this book! Let’s take a peek and see how I am going to use this book in therapy sessions...
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*We are going to work on receptive and expressive vocabulary related to the story and Thanksgiving! 
*We are going to use the visuals to correctly sequence the story and then the kids are going to retell the story! 
*We are going to answer what and why questions related to the story! 
*We are going to work on same and different and talk about how you compare and contrast with my older kids. 
*We are going to work on categorizing! The kids get to cut out the visuals and put them in the correct place on the category mats!
*We are going to work on rhyming! We’re going to use the words found in the story and identify or generate rhyming words!
*We are going to work on inferencing with Thanksgiving foods!
*Some of my friends are going to work on plural nouns with sentence prompts!
*Some of my friends are going to complete a writing prompt about the story or Thanksgiving. 
How will you use this book in your therapy sessions?

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See you soon! 

The Speech Owl

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