SLP Must Have Sale!!!!!

It’s almost the 7th!!! What does that mean?! It means it’s almost time for the #SLPmusthavesale!!!!! If you haven’t heard about it’s time! On the 7th of the month several SLPs put one “must have” item on sale for 1/2 off in their TPT store! 

This month I’m going to give you a little sneak peek at what you can get at The Speech Owl! I think it is a complete steal!

On Friday...November 7th....I’m putting...

“Thanksgiving Book Companion Bundle for Language” on sale...50% off!!!!! 
(click the picture to check it out for yourself)

Why is this such a steal?!?!?! 

You get 2 book companions: (Click the link for a description)

Since you already get each companion for over 15% off with the bundle, you will now be getting them for over 65% off!!!!! I can tell you they will never be this cheap again! You get 2 book companions cheaper than you could buy 1...How is awesome is that!!!!

On Friday stop by my TPT store and grab it while you can! Keep an eye on facebook for more information! 

You can read my blog post on "One Is A Feast For Mouse: A Book Companion for Language" here.

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See you soon!

The Speech Owl

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