"The Thanksgiving Surprise" and a freebie

Last week we started looking at Thanksgiving Books, here at The Speech Owl. Today, I am linking up with Scarlett Stamper at Speech Is Sweet for “Wild About Books Wednesday” to talk about another Thanksgiving book! (Expect Thanksgiving for the next few weeks!$)

“The Thanksgiving Surprise” by Peggy Archer is a book full of fun for your speech and language sessions! 

The two pilgrim brothers are sent out to find a delicious thanksgiving turkey to bring home for a feast! While the pilgrim brothers are out searching for a turkey, the turkey is trying to hide! No way does the turkey want to be Thanksgiving dinner!!! First, the turkey hides up in a tree with a bird...ooops...the leaves blow away! Next, the turkey tries to hide under ground with a gopher...ooops...he can’t fit! Then, the turkey tries to hide in the pond behind a rock with some fish...ooops....a turkey can’t swim! 
It’s a good thing the little pilgrim is sympathetic and doesn’t really want to eat turkey! The little pilgrim finds the turkey, tricks his brother into going to the pumpkin patch then helps the turkey hide behind the wood pile! No turkey for the pilgrims, but, they did find a pumpkin for some yummy pumpkin pie! 

This book is so cute and great for language therapy! 

How can we use this book?
~We can talk about sequencing...the turkey went a lot of different places!
~We can talk about prepositional concepts...the turkey was in the tree, under ground, under water, behind a rock, and behind the wood pile. 
~We can talk about why questions... Why couldn’t the turkey hide in the tree? Why couldn’t the turkey hide in the water?.....You get the idea!
~We can talk about Thanksgiving food and what the kids would want at their feast! Yummy!
~We can talk about what we are thankful for!

What else would you use this book for?!?!?!

Here is a quick freebie craftivity to talk about what we are thankful for! ENJOY!!!
Come back tomorrow (Thursday) for some really big and exciting news!!! (hint, hint...it may have something to do with the SLP Must have sale on the 7th)

See you tomorrow!

The Speech Owl 


  1. This book looks cute, and I love that craftivity!! :) I'll definitely be using that, thank you!

    1. Thanks Brittany! I used that creativity with my little ones and it was a big hit!

  2. Thank you for linking up! You always introduce me to new books! I love your craft - thank you! :)

  3. Sounds like a great book...one that I definitely need!!!

  4. Great book, but it is out of print! I did find some used copies, though! Time to check the libraries!

    1. I have had that book for a long time. If you look up "Thanksgiving Surprise" on Amazon it is very expensive. Apparently, it was also sold under the name "Turkey Surprise". "Turkey Surprise" is cheaper on Amazon.