Tuesday, June 24, 2014

We made it!

Well, after numerous delays (at both airports), horrible communication from the airlines, running through airports and not being able to arrive at our final gate for about 45 minutes, we FINALLY made it! I took these pictures from the window of the plane...

What was the silver lining in all of this mass chaos you ask? I was able to organize ALL of my clipart, proof my SLP organizational packet (I’ll be posting it in the next few weeks), work on my newest product (the one I told you about on Sunday) and make this sneak peek for you!
Speaking of products...
I am teaming up with the folks over at The Teaching Tribune again for “Two for Tuesday”! 
Yet again, this means I will mark 2 products down to 1/2 PRICE ALL DAY LONG! This week, head over to my store and check out two articulation products: 

“Race in the Park: A board game to practice /r/ in sentences”
“Lucky’s Lemonade Stand: A board game to practice /l/ in sentences”
See you in the store! 
The Speech Owl

Sunday, June 22, 2014


Vacation, Vacation, Vacation!!!! I am so excited!!! Soon I will be on vacation filled with new adventures, family time, friend reunions and FUN! If only you knew how excited I really am! Thankfully, I have amazing friends who agreed to hold down the fort at home while I’m away!  The first stop will be New Mexico! This is one of my favorite pictures from the last time we were out there! 
Then to Kansas for the cousin’s wedding and to catch up with friends I haven’t seen in what seems like forever!
And finally to New Orleans...

All of the upcoming travel time inspired a new TPT product! I can’t wait to tell you all about it soon! 

The Speech Owl

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

"Two for Tuesday" Linky Party (Speech Language Pathology)

Why did I wait so long to start making products for Teacherspayteachers?! Seriously... I started making products maybe a month or two ago, and now I’m completely addictedI CAN NOT STOP!!! I’ve even bought a new doodle tablet that connects to my computer! I am LOVING every minute of this! Who wouldn’t?!?!?! It combines some of my favorite things...being creative/crafty, speech and language, education and kids! I have 9 products in my store with more coming soon! Now the hard part... WAITING! I thought the hard part was going to be all the crazy “techie” things I had no clue how to do. Nope...I’ve figured most of that out on my own! It’s definitely the waiting and wondering! WHY?!?!?! I wonder why people are looking at my products but not buying them, are there things I should change, what will people buy...the list goes on and on! I keep having to remind myself that I haven’t been “open” long and school just ended for most people. Who wants to buy school stuff when summer just started?!?!

Enough with the rambling! Here’s the fun part...

I am linking up with the people over at The Teaching Tribune for “Two for Tuesday”. What does that mean? It means I’m putting 2 of my products on sale for 1/2 price all day long!!! Head over to my store to check out “Picnic Time” and “Sweet, Sweet Syllables”! You can click on the preview below to go straight to the product! 


See you in the store!

The Speech Owl

Saturday, June 14, 2014

What am I doing?!?!?!?!

It’s summer, I should be relaxing! Instead, this is what’s going on in my head...

So.... I started a store on TeachersPayteachers! How in the world do I get people to stop just looking at my stuff and start buying it?! I should start a blog! How in the world do I start a blog?! I should google it! Oh, I should start a facebook page too! How do you start a facebook page?! Wait...figured that one out! Now I just have to actually make the page! Back to the blog! What site do I use to start it?! Oh, here’s one! Yes...blog is STARTED!!!! I Still need to work on the design, but, it’s started! How in the world do you write a blog post?!?! Still haven’t quite figured that one out! Guess I’ll just start typing and see what happens! Hold on...I should go to bloglovin and look at other peoples blogs! I found a ton of awesome blogs! A linky party...What is a linky party?! Wow, I should get in on a linky party! How in the world do I get in on a linky party?! Slow down...one thing at a time! Just start typing...here we go...