Thursday, July 31, 2014

"What's in your cart?" Linky Party

Are you excited?!?! The TPT Back to School site wide sale will be August 4-5! Stop by and shop while you can get whatever you want, from my store, for up to 28% off when you use the code BTS14!!! With the TPT site wide sale just around the corner...

I have decided to link up with Jenna Rayburn over at Speech Room News for her “What’s in your cart?” linky party. 

If you’re trying to plan for the start of school, you should head to my store and check out “The Kissing Hand: Book Companion” . This is what I am using to start the year!

What else do I have in my cart?!?!  Here are the top 3 products I want to buy during the sale: 

1) No Print Receptive Language Pack by Nicole Allison

Hope you enjoyed seeing what’s in my cart! 

See you in the store! 

The Speech Owl

Friday, July 25, 2014

I'm having a sale and announcing the raffle winner!!!

When do you guys start back to school?! Here in Nashville, staff returns on July 31! It just keeps getting earlier and earlier...or so it seems. With the start of school right around the corner, I’m sure I’m not the only one trying to organize for the year AND take advantage of my last few days to relaxIf you’re working on the organizing part then this post is for you...because.....I’m throwing a sale!!!!!!! I am placing my entire TPT store on sale for 20-50% off until Wednesday, July 30! Head over to the store and rack up!!!! (Click the picture below)

And the moment you’ve all been waiting for.... drumroll please....the winner of the “Speech Owl Artic: /r/ and /r/ blends" is... Brenda Arsenault!!!! Congrats Brenda! Hope you enjoy it! 

Since I’ve been working hard to finish some products, I have decided that today is a day for relaxing! Anybody have a guess as to what my plans are?!?!

See you in the store!

The Speech Owl

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The Kissing Hand "Wild about Books Wednesday"

First things first...If you haven’t entered the rafflecopter... go do it! It’s FREE and today is the last day to enter! Just scroll down to the bottom of this post. I’ll announce the lucky winner on Friday!!

Today I am linking up with Scarlett over at Speech is Sweet for “Wild about Books Wednesday!” 

I’m sure I’m not the only one here who LOVES books! Right down the street from my house we have a fantastic, huge used book store!!! I ran down there this weekend and racked up!!! 20 books for 19 dollars!!!

I found “The Kissing Hand” by Audrey Penn for 90 cents!!! Perfect back to school book!!! Of course, once I brought my new finds home, I had to start planning my themes and books for the school year. See, I already have August planned!!! (I made my own planner this year. Scroll down to previous posts to read more about it or click the image to see it in my TPT store.)

August is going to be “The Kissing Hand”!!! The perfect book for heading back to school! To keep me organized and keep my kiddos engaged, I made “The Kissing Hand: Book Companion”. I have included a full color and a less color version (almost black and white) so you can decide which one you want to use. (Click on the Cover Page below to see it in my TPT store.)

I don’t know about you, but a lot of my kiddos work on similar skills. oh...there are a lot of skills we work on. I decided to base the book companion on some of the most common goals I see. Do you have different skills you like to address?

When it comes to a book, I want to find a way to use the same book regardless of grade and ability levels. Change/adapt the activities but keep the book the same!; Makes my like sooooooo much easier!!!

Let’s face it, we all have kids who struggle with vocabulary. So here’s Tier 1 and Tier 2 vocabulary! 

We all have kids who struggle with comprehension. So here are “wh” questions with fun QR codes and yes/no questions. 

Some of my kids understand same and different and need something more difficult while others are working on simple same and different. 

My older kids don’t care about positional concepts, but they need to work on describing and/or comparing and contrasting. 

Hope you enjoyed seeing my thought process on this book companion and seeing how I plan to address these skills!

See you in the Store!
The Speech Owl 
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Monday, July 21, 2014

Who's ready for a FREEBIE?!?!?!

Who’s Ready for a FREEBIE?!?!?!?!?!
I just finished “Speech Owl Artic: /r/ and /r/ blends” and want to GIVE IT AWAY to one lucky person! It’s not even in my store yet! “Speech Owl Artic: /r/ and /r/ blends” is designed to work on initial /r/, medial /r/, final /r/ and /r/ blends at the word, phrase, sentence, and paragraph levels. This was one of my favorite projects to work on since I drew all of my own /r/ graphics! If you know me you now how happy that makes me! I included a full color and a mostly black and white version in this product. Check out the pictures below then scroll down to enter the rafflecopter! I will announce the luck winner on Friday!!!

See you in the store!

The Speech Owl
Rafflecopter link: a Rafflecopter giveaway

Get those planners ready!

Who’s getting ready to return to school? I am!!! 

Today, I’m linking up with busy bee speech to talk about planners . (I know I’m a little late to this one.)

This week I went ahead and printed out my planner, had it bound, and started filling it up! My new obsession is decorating it with washi tape! I even started making my August lesson plans! I’ll show you more about that in a minute. Every year, I search for a planner that isn’t going to cost me an arm and a leg. I love planners but hate the price of them!!! So...I decided I would just make my own. I figured if I made my own planner it would include all of the sections I wanted. I can include all of my IEP information, I can list all of my meetings, I can list important dates and I can list my lesson plans. I even made two designs, since I couldn’t decided which one I liked better! Click the picture below to head over to my store!

See you in the store!

The Speech Owl

Friday, July 18, 2014

Where did my summer go!? ...and I'm having a raffle and sale!!!

Where did my summer go?!?!?! It feels like summer just arrived (I guess that’s what happens when you work most of the summer)! Oh well! This week my boss started emailing to tell us about upcoming conferences and return dates! Back to school we go (soon)!

I have several things to say today so here goes....

_Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who has bought products from my teacherspayteachers store!!! You have no idea how thankful I am for every single one of you! As a way to say thanks and to start the school year off right, I am going to raffle off the new product I am working on.! The raffle will start July 22 (Tuesday) and run through July 24 (Thursday). I’ll tell you more about the product soon.

-Because we’re headed back to school I’m going to throw a big sale in my teacherspayteachers store!!!  Everything in the store will be 20-50% off!!! The sale will run July 25 (Friday) through July 30 (Wednesday)! See, I planned it to back up to the raffle, if you win the product you don’t need to buy it. If you don’t win you can head over to the store and buy it on sale! It’s a WIN-WIN situation! you can click the button below to see what's in the store! (More stuff coming soon)

-I’ve been working hard on a new product!!!

All of the /r/ and /r/ blend graphics were hand drawn by me! Yup, all 144 of them!!! I have included a color version as well as a mostly black and white version! I haven’t finished it so it’s not up in my store...yet. It will be soon! And I'll tell you more about this product next week! 

It’s going to be a busy week or two.-finish the new product (and maybe some others), raffle it off and throw a sale! All before we head back to school! 

In the meantime, head over to my store and see what will work best for your kiddos! 

See you in the store!
The Speech Owl

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Two for Tuesday and some news...

It’s know what that means!?!?! Yup...It’s “Two for Tuesday” linky party day over at The Teaching Tribune! I’m writing this last minute before I run out the door for work. It’s going to be short! I’ll post again later this week for some big, exciting news!!!
(I was going to put the current graphic here but it won't download so here's an old one...

Since most of us are getting ready to head back to school soon, I decided to put my SLP organization (planner) pack and Hoppin’ Homonyms on sale for 1/2 price today! Click on the image below to go straight over to the product in my store! 

Don’t forget to check back later this week so you can hear my big, exciting news!!!

See you in the store!

The Speech Owl

Monday, July 7, 2014

I'm Home and I have a new product!!!

I’m HOME!!! The trip to New Orleans was fabulous and was wrapped up by a trip down to an amazing record store on Frenchmen Street and 4th of July fireworks on the riverfront! I loved the last two weeks but I am so glad to be home!!! Now back to routine. 

Speaking of routine... I am again teaming up with the folks over at The Teaching Tribune for “Two for Tuesday”, meaning 2 of my products will be up in my store for 1/2 price for the next 24 hours
Head over to my store and check out “Preppy Pronouns: fun with pronouns and prepositions” and “Are we there yet?”. Click on the image to link to my store. 

“Preppy Pronouns: fun with pronouns and prepositions” is a fun hands-on way to teach your students to use and understand pronouns and prepositions!! You’ll receive visual signs, characters, direction tasks, pictures for direction tasks, and sentence strips. Enjoy!

“Are we there yet?” was inspired by my recent travels! This product is a fun way to incorporate a transportation theme into your sessions! It includes a simple transportation book for your students to construct and read, category sorting, simple yes/no questions, following directions with pronouns, what doesn’t belong, describing, and compare/contrast. You’ll be able to use this product across multiple ages and ability levels. 

Keep an eye out...there may be a big sale coming as we get closer to August!

See you in the store!
The Speech Owl

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Two for Tuesday and a new product!!!

The Kansas portion of my vacation was wonderful!!! My cousin Joey’s wedding was absolutely beautiful!!! I loved getting to spend time with dear friends and amazing family!!! Next stop is New Orleans!!!

I have a couple of exciting things to announce today...

!.  I posted my “Speech Language Pathology Organization Packet 2014-2015” in my tpt store last night and it’s going to be 1/2 price until tomorrow morning! Click on the image below to view it in my store! 

2.  I am once again linking up with the people over at The Teaching Tribune for “two for Tuesday”. This week I am putting “Summer Lovin’ Synonyms” and “Monster Antonyms” on sale for 1/2 price all day (until tomorrow morning)!!! Click on the images below to view them in my store!

So 3 products are 1/2 price today!!! Don’t miss out!!! I’m still working on my transportation project, but it should be ready to post in the next week or so. Follow me in my store so you will be updated once it’s posted! 

See you in the store!

The Speech Owl