Wednesday, October 29, 2014

One Is A Feast For Mouse...Wild about books Wednesday

I am so excited to share one of my FAVORITE books!!!! Since today is Wednesday, I am linking up with Scarlett over at Speech is Sweet for “Wild About Books Wednesday” and I’m linking up (a day usual) with Mrs. Jump’s Class for “Book Talk Tuesday”!

Since Halloween is in a few days...I’m moving on to planning for Thanksgiving!

“One is a Feast For Mouse: A Thanksgiving Tale” by Judy Cox is one of my all time favorite Thanksgiving books! In this absolutely adorable book our sweet mouse friend sneaks out of his hidey-hole to find some yummy food. As Mouse scampers over to the table he sees a luscious green pea. He decides a pea will be enough for him and starts to head back home. As Mouse is walking across the table he starts to notice more and more food scraps. Mouse gets greedy and all kinds of craziness ensues! Go grab the book to see what happens next!

I am so excited to use my new book companion, “One is A Feast For Mouse: A Book Companion for Language” (click here) to introduce my kiddos to this book! Here is how I am going to use this book in therapy...
(Click on any of the images to see the Book Companion in my TPT store!)
***Vocabulary- There are so many Tier 1 and Tier 2 vocabulary words in here!!!
***Sequencing- We are going to use the retelling map and booklet to sequence and retell the story. A few years ago, I made large drawings of Mouse and all of the food, so we are also going to use the felt board while we read! I’ll post pictures later on facebook (click here) and instagram (@thespeechowl). Make sure you are following me on both!
***Comprehension Questions- Some of my kiddos are going to expressively answer the comprehension questions and some of my kiddos will have answers presented visually in a field of 3. 
***Categories- We are going to work on several different category sorts!!!
***Plural Nouns- We are going to work on plural nouns using the Tier 1 vocabulary from the book!
***Past Tense Verbs- We are going to work on past tense verbs based on the events in the story!
***Synonyms and Antonyms- We are going to determine if word pairs are synonyms or antonyms. We are also going to produce synonyms and antonyms and do a worksheet for each!
What else...
We can also discuss what we want to have at our Thanksgiving feasts (there is a page with visuals for this).
We can talk about greed. 
We can talk about what we are thankful for.

See you soon!
The Speech Owl

Monday, October 27, 2014

Why I love using books in therapy...

Why I love using books in therapy...

“Literacy is perhaps the most important factor contributing to academic and economic success, and also plays an important role in social interactions.” (Spracher, 2000)

“It seems increasingly clear that the literacy achievement gap that is already present for many students when they enter kindergarten must be effectively closed in the early years of school.” (Foster and Miller, 2007)

  1. I can address a wide variety of vocabulary! My students often have difficulty with comprehension because of their lack of vocabulary knowledge. When we introduce a new book into our therapy sessions we go through and identify important Tier 1 or Tier 2 vocabulary words. We match Tier 1 words with pictures and actions if necessary and we use context clues to help define Tier 2 vocabulary words. When we determine the meaning of our Tier 2 vocabulary words we often act them out. For example, we are currently reading “Pumpkin Soup” by Helen Cooper. One word my students had difficulty understanding was paced. Once we determined through context clues what paced meant we all stood up and started to pace. Now when I ask what pace means everyone of my students can tell me. 
  2. I can address comprehension skills! This one is obvious! My students often perform significantly better on comprehension tasks when the story is read aloud to them, rather than requiring them to read the story themselves. We work on both receptive and expressive comprehension skills. We use often use the text and picture cues to help when needed. We work hard on using context clues as a strategy to increase comprehension.
  3. I can address sequencing! Sequencing is a prerequisite skill for my students writing summaries of the books they have read. My fourth graders are required to write a summary of the books they have read before they take an AR test. 
  4. I can address high frequency sight words! When we come across a sight word, I will often stop and allow my students to read.
  5. I can address main ideas and details! This helps with those difficult summaries and improves writing skills. 
  6. I can address pragmatic skills! We can determine the problems in a story and brainstorm the best, most socially acceptable solutions. 
  7. I can address speech sounds! I will often have my students read the words containing the speech sound we are targeting. 
  8. I can address rhyming, blending, segmenting, and print awareness! All of these skills are imperative for increased literacy awareness! 
  9. I can address descriptive qualities, as well as, compare and contrast! For the younger students we might discuss categories, same/different, what does not belong, etc. and for the old students we can compare and contrast items in the books, styles of books, authors, etc. 

These are only a few of the ways I can use books to support speech and language goals! 

I love that I can use both fiction and non-fiction to keep my students engaged while addressing almost all of our language skills/goals. I will do everything I can to keep my kids interested in books and reading! 

Why do you love to use books in your therapy sessions!? What are your favorite books to use?!

If you missed my post about tests and success with my fourth grade students click here to read. 

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Spracher, M.M. (2000, April 25). Learning About Literacy: SLPs Play A Key Role In Reading, Writing. The ASHA Leader.

Foster, W. A and Miller, M. (2007). Development Of The Literacy Achievement Gap: A Longitudinal Study of Kindergarten Through Third Grade. Language, Speech and Hearing Services In Schools. 38 173-181.

Friday, October 24, 2014

A Glimpse at my week!

This was one WILD week! Good’s FRIDAY!!!! Today I am linking up with Doodle Bug’s Teaching for “Five for Friday”! This a fantastic linky party where you post five random things from your week. 
I’m also linking up with Old School Speech for “Week In Review”.

Here’s a glimpse at my week...
        We started a new book this week     and it began with a bang! 
The kids love “Pumpkin Soup” and so do I!!! We are using my book companion to help us with vocabulary, sequencing, synonyms, antonyms, and more. Click here to see a recent blog post about this book. Click here (or on the picture) to check out this book companion in my TPT store. 

This week in our lifeskills SLP/OT group we talked about pumpkins, pumpkins, pumpkins!! We discussed facts about pumpkins, the lifecycle of a pumpkin and even the parts of a pumpkin. I made a simple book for us to read...some kids were reading along, some kids were answering comprehension questions and some kids were matching. 
Then we made pumpkins with orange glitter glue, yarn and pumpkin seeds! It was a blast!
I have a few kids who are difficult to keep motivated. These kids love to color but also require a lot of attention. Sometimes they require so much attention that marking data is difficult. I think I came up with a fantastic solution...we used my answer and cover reinforcer worksheets (found in the Pumpkin Soup Book Companion mentioned above). Each kiddo chose the sheet they wanted to use and I placed 3 dry erase markers on the table (green, blue and pink). When the kids answered a question I told them what color they needed to use to color in a circle (green=correct answer, blue=prompt needed, pink=incorrect). When we were all done with that skill, I recorded the data based on their colored dots. 
It worked brilliantly! I love it when an idea works out! BONUS...they practiced listening and following directions!!!
Research, research, research...decreasing lateralization of “sh” and “ch”... I have tried every trick I know, so I am spending my free time trying to come up with new strategies to decrease lateralization of these sounds. 
My last piece of randomness is a personal one! I am so excited to have our monthly BUNCO game sister is coming to visit. I can’t wait for her to get here! We have a fun weekend ahead of us! We are buying a baby crib (for her), the fabric for the baby bedding and we are going to see Chicago! I can’t wait!

Well, that’s what’s going on around here! How was your week?

See you soon!

The Speech Owl

Monday, October 20, 2014

S...Peachy Feedback

S...Peachy Feedback!!!

Today I am linking up with Nicole over at Speech Peeps for “S...Peachy Feedback”!!!
S...Peachy Feedback is a monthly linky party where TPT sellers celebrate insightful and encouraging feedback on Teachers Pay Teachers products. Every month I will choose one person to win a FREE product from my store!

I love all of the great feedback! I love every single minute of creating these products and it means the world to me, knowing they are helping YOU (and me) in therapy!

This months winner is TPT buyer RS! Look what she had to say!!! RS email me at
I love the feedback she left on my newest product “Pumpkin Soup: A Book Companion For Language”. Her feedback is both insightful and encouraging! She made a suggestion and I followed up! I am so excited about the newest pages in the packet! Click here to see the book companion. 

Keep leaving that great feedback and maybe your feedback will be picked next month!

Don’t forget to stop by Speech Peeps and check out everyone else’s blog posts!

See you Soon!!!

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Friday, October 17, 2014

Five For Friday

It’s Friday, Friday, Friday!!!!!! This week I’m linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for their “Five for Friday” linky party. 
Here are five random and fun things from my week...
It’s FALL and it finally feels like it!!! If you know me, you know how much I love a good, soft, cuddly hoodie! Since the days are getting cooler and the nights are getting cold...I get to wear some of my favorite hoodies!!!! Are you as excited about this as I am?!?!?! This is one of my favs from 3elove!
It isn't the best picture, but, oh well....
Columbus Day meant no school for me (of course this was preceded by a week long fall break)! Monday was a nasty, stormy day so I spent all afternoon at the coffee shop working on a new TPT product, drinking some delicious local coffee and catching up on the study my women’s small group is doing!
Doesn't this look relaxing!!!!
Look who came to visit our therapy sessions this week!!! The kiddos and I are having a blast with her! If you want to take a peek at my book companion click here (The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid Of Anything: A Book Companion For Language).
If you want to see how we are using this book in therapy click HERE!
i just love her!!!!!
Every week we have a SLP and OT group in our upper elementary LifeSkills classroom. This week they are learning about leaves! The hardest part of providing group to this class (but, why I LOVE it) is the wide range of ability levels...some are working on comprehension and language and others are working on object to object matching. I had a hard time finding a book that was going to meet my needs so...I made my own! (I love to make my own books so it covers what I want it to cover!) Here is a glimpse at our book... 
After we finished this activity the kids completed leaf rubbings for the OT piece! 
On Thursday, during one of my 3rd grade groups, we had a very special visitor! One of our teachers owns a ton of exotic animals including some from South America. Since the third graders are learning about South America, she brought in a chinchilla and a tangue (no clue how to spell that). I was able to stay for the presentation and sit with one of my students (at his request) working on fluency! Together, we whispered, (so we didn’t get in trouble) about the animals. We talked about herbivores, omnivores and carnivores, characteristics of the animal families and other neat facts! I loved the functionality of this surprise presentation! 
And there you have week at a glance!!! How did you spend your week?!

See you soon!

The Speech Owl

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Pumpkin Soup!!!

How is it already Wednesday?!?!?! Last week our school district was on Fall Break, which means I was able to work on several TPT projects! Yea!!!!! Who wants to see one of my favorite, newly finished products? 

Today I am linking up with Mrs. Jumps Class for “Book Talk Tuesday” (a day late) and with Scarlett over at Speech Is Sweet for “Wild About Books Wednesday”. In honor of the newly finished project...I present to you....”Pumpkin Soup” by Helen Cooper!

If you haven’t read “Pumpkin Soup” put it on your MUST_READ list! 

This adorable book begins with 3 great friends (cat, squirrel and duck) who live together, have fun together and cook together in a little cottage in the woods. They each have their own jobs when it comes to does the slicing, squirrel does the stirring and duck adds the salt. One morning, duck decides he wants to be the Head Cook...the one in charge of the stirring. A squabble begins and duck storms off!!! It’s getting later and later and duck is still gone. You’re going to have to read the book to see what cat and squirrel do to try and find duck! Do they find duck? Do they make-up? Do they cook one more batch of pumpkin soup together? 

Here is how I am going to use my sweet little companion “Pumpkin Soup: A Book Companion for Language” in therapy (Click here or on any of the images):
***Vocabulary: This book is full of great vocabulary! I am going to address some basic (Tier 1) vocabulary with some of my students and some more difficult (Tier 2) words with others! We can talk about what the Tier 2 words mean and later in the week the kids can define the words on their own!

***Sequencing and Story Retell: We are going to use this nifty little story mat to determine what happens in the beginning, middle and end of the book!

***Comprehension Questions: We are going to answer questions about the book. My higher kids will expressively answer the questions and my lower level kids can choose their answer from a field of 3.

***Past Tense Verbs: We are going to complete sentence prompts to talk about what cat, squirrel and duck did throughout the story.

***Singular vs Plural Sort: We are going to categorize based on whether the pictures show singular nouns or plural nouns. A great way to work on sorting and singular/plural all in one!
***Synonyms and Antonyms: All of these words are based off the book!’s full of great vocabulary!!! First, we are going to look at two words and decide if the words are synonyms or antonyms. Then, we are going to name synonyms and antonyms and complete a matching activity.

What else can we do: 
*We can talk about conflict resolution.
*We can talk about emotions.
*We can talk about cause and effect. 
*We can “pretend” to make pumpkin soup.

Don’t forget to buy the book and go grab “Pumpkin Soup: A Book Companion for Language” (here).

Stop by Speech is Sweet to see who else linked up!
See you soon, 

The Speech Owl