What's In Your Cart Linky Party (February Edition)

I don’t know about all of you but I have had just about all of the cold, snow and ice I can handle for a LONG time! I am so ready for Spring to get here! I’m already imagining the warmer weather, the hiking, the camping, the long walks on the greenway, or maybe even just sitting outside while I work on TPT stuff! 

Oh well...in the meantime how about a TPT site-wide sale?!?!?!

On February 25th, TPT is having their huge site wide sale! You can save up to 28% off everything in my store if you use the code HEROES!!!! To help you prepare for the sale, Jenna at Speech Room News is throwing a “What’s in your cart” linky party! Keep reading to see what you NEED from my store and what I NEED from other stores!
Here is what I think you need from my store...

  1. My brand new “No Print Spring Time Fun: Expressive and Receptive Language”. I am so excited about this addition to my store! There is absolutely NO prepping for it! NO printing, NO cutting, and NO laminating! Just download it to your computer or iPad and use the links to navigate through the various receptive and expressive language skills! This packet is especially great for grades 1-4! Filled with 12 different receptive and expressive language skills, this will be my go to for a ton of skills this spring! (Click the picture to link to my product.)
  2. "The Night Before St. Patrick's Day: A Book Companion For Language". This Book Companion is intended to be used with the book "The Night Before St. Patrick's Day" by Natasha Wing. This companion will be speech room GOLD this March. 
  3. “What Am I Talking About? Inferencing: A Vocabulary Game of Descriptions and Inferences”. This fun game has four different levels to be used with various grade and ability levels! It’s chock full of basic vocabulary and educational vocabulary! (Click the picture to link to my product.)

Here’s what I have on my wishlist:
***Full disclosure here, I already own the Interactive Book of Pronouns by Speech Made Simple and it’s AMAZING. I just wanted to make sure you all knew about this awesome product!

Don’t forget to see what everyone else has in their carts by heading back over to the linky party (by clicking here)!

What’s in your cart?!

See you soon, 

The Speech Owl

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  1. Can't wait to use your No Print activity!!! :0) Thanks for the shout out!