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Summer is just around the corner! I am excited for a few reasons today! First, I am so excited that in 5.5 days I get a break from testing and meetings! I’ll miss my kiddos but... Secondly, I get to link up with my friend Tracy over at Gold Country SLP for her summer Homework Hotline linky party! 
I am thrilled to share with you my newest “Print and Go Summer Camp: Speech and Language Homework” packet! It’s all black and white, addresses speech sounds and language skills and comes with a homework letter to send home with each student. All you have to do is decide what skills you want your kiddos to practice, print the pages off and stick them in their folders or backpacks! 

(click on the image to head over to my TPT store.)

One of my favorite things about this packet is the variety of skills covered! 

Look at all of the SPEECH sounds that are addressed!

Check out all of the LANGUAGE skills!

Here are a few examples of the worksheets in action! 
First stop is Speech Camp (initial /g/)!
Next stop is Camp Categories (you also get worksheets for naming the categories without a word bank and worksheets for listing items within categories)!

Third stop is Camp Who!
Fourth stop is Camp Synonym vs. Antonym! (You can stop in at Camp Synonyms and Camp Antonyms too)!

Don’t forget Camp Compare/Contrast!
(This is just a sampling of worksheets from the packet. There are many other worksheets and skills that were not shown. See the table of contents at the top of the post for all of the sounds and skills covered.)

I can’t wait to help my student’s keep the momentum going with this fabulous (at least I think it is) homework packet! 

Anyone else ready for camp?!?!

Head over to Gold Country SLP’s blog  (click here) and see some other great summer homework options! 

See you soon!
The Speech Owl

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