Currently: June Edition

It’s is out, the sun is shining and I’m finally finding time to revisit my blog! I’m excited to kick off some summer blogging with Farley from Oh boy, 4th Grade, for her “Currently” linky party! I love that she’s supporting Wimberley Adoption Group (WAG) after all of the flooding in Texas. If you want to donate too, head over her blog and click on the donate button. 

Listening: With all of the noise and chatter of the school year and life in general, sometimes it’s nice to just sit in silence and recharge. 

Loving: This weekend I attended the Nashville Bash teacher and blogger meet up! I loved every minute of it and met some amazing new friends! There will be a post about the meet up coming sometime later this week. 

Thinking: No explanation needed! I love spending sunny days by the pool!

Needing: I’m working a few days a week this summer and I’m having a hard time motivating myself to go make my lunches! Making lunches ahead of time makes my life so much easier! 

Summer Lovin’: I never have the time to read adult books (I can’t wait to start “Girl on the Train”) so summer is my time! Reading by the pool during the day and live music at night. I live in Nashville so I have no excuse not to catch at least a few live shows!

See you soon!

The Speech Owl


  1. I can't wait to dive into a good book either! And meeting other bloggers sounds like fun. I'll have to look into some events in my area. Enjoy some silence...and your summer! :)

    Tacky the Teacher

  2. I so enjoyed talking to you! If you email me I'll send you a picture of the blog design referral. I can't wait to chat in the future. I hated I didn't get a picture with you.

    1. Hello! I'm so glad that I met you this weekend!
      What is your email Melinda?