#Nashteacherbash: A Blogger Meet Up

Last weekend I attended the #Nashteacherbash in Nashville! Did you see all of the pictures on IG?! It was a wonderful meet up, mostly attended by amazing teacher bloggers...there were a few librarians...and there was me, the SLP. I was so worried that I would feel out of place...I did not know a single person going into the weekend. But guess what, this introvert was welcomed with open arms!!! I absolutely loved talking to and learning from these top notch educators, and I met some great new friends too! 
The first night, Friday, we met up for a fun filled night of baseball and fireworks! Emily, from A Neighborhood Kindergarten, was looking for a ride so I picked her up and off we went. (Turns out Emily knows some of my cousins.) We spent the evening hanging out without everyone, watching the Sounds pull off a win, and then watching a fantastic fireworks show. 

The beginning of the game was sunny, thankfully, Go Noodle sent us some sweet sunglasses! 
Check out these fantastic educators! Group shot at the game!
Emily (A Neighborhood Kindergarten) and I at the game. 
I absolutely LOVE fireworks! 

Saturday, we met at Atmalogy for some more conversation, lunch (from Jim N’ Nicks...thanks for paying Go Noodle), and giveaways! There were $14,000 worth of stuff donated (WOW!)
I won a $50 gift card from Educents! Thanks a bunch!
We even got Go Noodle swag bags full of treats!
I got to hang out with the 2/3 of the AMAZING women from All Y’all Need! I absolutely adore Amy and Lisa (we missed you Laura)! 
Look how many people were there! I met a ton of other women, I just don’t have pictures. 

When lunch was finished, we all went our separate ways before meeting back up for dinner and shopping. I may be biased but, I think we had the best dinner table! I spent the evening getting to chat with and getting to know some more people you should probably checkout: Jodi and Jamie from Kindergarten Glitter Girls, Megan from Mrs. Wheelers First Grade, Stacy from Simpson’s Superstars and of course Amy and Lisa from All Y’all Need

Sunday Morning, we all met up for one finally meal and hang out at Monell’s. There was soooooooo much food! After breakfast we all headed to the stairs for a group picture, before everyone started their treks home. Luckily, I live in Nashville so I didn’t have to go far but, we had bloggers from Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, North Carolina, Texas, Mississippi and Florida. I can’t wait to see everyone again soon! 

Thanks for hosting Greg (Kindergarten Smorgasbord), Latoya (Flying Into First), Dana (Common to the Core), Cindy (Exploring is Elementary), Alexandria (Classroom Action With Ms. Jackson) and Lawren (Teaching is A Royal Adventure)! I truly appreciate all of the time and effort you spent making this a fabulous weekend! 

See you soon, 

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