4th of July Celebration, Freebies, and a Giveaway!

Freedom, liberty, family, friends, cookouts, pool parties, fireworks...
What words come to your mind when you think of the 4th of July? Anyone who knows me well, knows that I LOVE fireworks! Of course I love all those other things too, and I can’t wait to spend time with friends and family; but there is something about FIREWORKS that makes me happy! I have been lucky enough for the past 10 years to live in cities where there are AMAZING firework shows. Here in Nashville, there are fireworks near my house on the 3rd AND a huge firework show on the 4th! I seriously can’t wait! 

The 4th of July opens up the opportunity for some great SLP therapy themes...freedom, fireworks, american symbols, and more! Whether you are still in school (I hope you aren’t!), working summer school, working in private practice, or doing something else you can’t miss out on the chance to teach your students about these things! In order to help you out I’m linking to a FREE product in my store to assist you in teaching about The Statue of Liberty! 
The Speech Attic has a great Freebie for you too! This 4th of July lap book is perfect for learning why we celebrate the 4th of July, as well as, related fun facts and tier 2 vocabulary!
To make your 4th of July even better, The Speech Attic and myself are having a giveaway on Instagram! Make sure you visit us (@thespeechowl and @thespeechattic) on Instagram and enter to win a $10 TeachersPayTeachers gift card! Giveaway ends at 7:00 pm CST on July 4, 2017. Another BONUS...we will both be placing our stores on sale July 3rd and 4th!
What is your favorite part of the 4th of July?

TPT Cyber Sale Linky Party

Spending time with family for Thanksgiving was great, but I am so glad to be back home! I hope you were all able to enjoy the holiday and relax a little bit! I spent today out in the woods hiking before I start the mad rush of Christmas. Starting tomorrow Christmas shopping is ON! Speaking of shopping...have you heard that the TPT site wide CYBER SALE starts tomorrow? On November 28 and 29 you can receive up to 28% off everything in my TPT store with the code: CYBER2016
My sweet friend Sarah from Short and Sweet Speech is hosting a linky party to help you find some great new therapy products! Check out some of my favorite products from my store and a few items I can’t wait to get my hands on from some other TPT stores! 

  1. No Print Investigating Tier 2 Vocabulary: Context Clues (Grades 5-8) Volume 2
This is product is brand new in my store and is perfect for traveling middle school SLPs! My students are loving it! It pairs perfectly with the print version of my Investigating Tier 2 Vocabulary. Same great context clues practices with an all new format and all new vocabulary words!
  1. Snowman Language Print and Go
This product is perfect for in therapy practice as well as homework. Snowman language is great to use alone but also perfectly supplements my No Print Snowman Language!
  1. Turkey Clause: A Book Companion for Language
I am a total sucker for book companions and this is one of my favorites! 

Here are some products I can’t wait to get my hands on

  1. Seasonal No-Print Apraxia Bundle for the Year from Short and Sweet Speech
  1. Hungry Monsters Interactive Articulation Activity from The Speech Attic

Happy Shopping! Don’t forget to head back over to the linky party (click here) to find some more great steals!

Ghost Talk Blog Hop

Fall is finally here! The leaves are changing colors, football is on the t.v., and pumpkin everything is easy to be found! That also means that it’s almost Halloween! Myself and some other fantastic SLP bloggers/TPT sellers have created a fun Halloween themed “Ghost Hop Blog Hop” just for you! 

Here’s how it works! 
You can start here, at my blog, or you can start at the The Pedi Speechie. After you download the freebie (the link will be found in the blog post), you will come back to the blog and click on the link to the next blog. Continue downloading and linking to the next blog until you are back where you started. 

By the end of the hop you will have a great Halloween themed story as well as SIX different companion activities that will be perfect for your Halloween therapy sessions! 

You can grab my freebie by clicking here or on the image below!
Don’t forget to leave us feedback on all of the freebies you download! We love to hear how you used these materials in your therapy sessions and how much your students loved them!!!

Click the picture below to head over to Speech Wonderland
for you next freebie!

Have a spook-tacular Halloween! 

Using Non-fiction Texts in Speech and Language Therapy

I’ve been meaning to blog and tell you guys about how amazing using nonfiction texts in speech and language therapy is, but I’ve been so wrapped up in back to school mode that I haven’t had a chance. I figured this would be the perfect time!!!!! I’m joining The Frenzied SLPs to bring you some products and tips from a few of your favorite SLPs. 

As some of you know, I mostly see middle school and high school students in the school system (I have a few younger kids and see younger kids in a private practice). It can be very difficult to engage these older students and keep them interested in activities and tasks you are working on in therapy! Last year I wrote a few nonfiction passages and brought them in for therapy...all of a sudden my 8th grade boys, who complained all the time about having speech and language services, wouldn’t leave my room. They (along with some of my high school boys) started begging me to bring more nonfiction passages. We would read the passages, learn important vocabulary, answer comprehension questions, talk about main ideas, and research related events and people. Their favorite nonfiction passages were about U.S. presidents. Another topic my kids are interested in are animals. This summer I worked hard to create a huge product (over 150 pages) for endangered animals. I added even more to this product than I had the others. Once it was close to ready, I took it with me to see some private clients...it was again a HUGE hit! Let me show you all the ways you can use it too!!! Here is a little secret....the product is listed as 2nd-6th grade, but I use it all the way through high school since most of my students have language and reading disabilities! 
This product includes 12 endangered animals and allows you to address reading comprehension, listening comprehension, vocabulary, context clues, research, informational text writing, main idea and details, summarizing, comparing and contrasting information, articulation and more
At the beginning of the packet there is a venn diagram that can be used with any animal combination. 
For each animal you receive a K-W-L Chart. We use this chart to determine what the students already know about the animal, what they want to know (so we can do further research), and to sum up the information they learned. 
For each animal you receive a Did You Know? Fun Fact sheet. We read over this sheet and the students determine what information they will share with their family when they get home. 
For each animal you receive a Level 1 Passage. This passage is shorter than the level 2 passage and uses less complex language. There are also comprehension questions related to this passage. Having two levels of passages is perfect if you see students across a range of grades and/or ability levels. 
For each animal you receive a Level 2 Passage. This passage is longer and more complex than the Level 1 passage. There is an additional page with comprehension questions related to the passage. 

For each animal, You receive 2 levels of vocabulary practice. Level 1 includes definitions and a word bank for your students to write the correct word in the blank with supports. Level 2 includes words listed in context sentences. Your students underline or highlight the context clues and then write their best definition of the word. 
Don't worry...I include an answer sheet for you too!

For each animal there are graphic organizers to help determine the main idea and details, to organize thoughts for writing or comparing and contrasting information, and to summarize information.
For each animal there is also a flip book for the students to create and take home. They will fill in each page as they work through the passages or do additional research. 

BONUS TIP: I also use these passages to work on articulation. We will go through the passages/information and highlight or underline words that contain the target sound. I will have my articulation students help me out by reading portions of the information aloud. This makes having mixed groups a little easier on all of us and no one is jealous that "he gets to do that instead".

See what I mean...it’s fun, it’s engaging, and there is enough material to cover weeks of therapy sessions! The animal photographs are in color, however, if you are only able to print in black/white they are still clear and easy to see. 

I hope you will think about using more nonfiction texts in your therapy sessions and I would love to help you with that! 

I’ll see you in the store soon!! (Don’t forget 28% off with CODE: ONEDAY on Monday August 22)

Now head back over to the linky party and see what other great products and tips are waiting for you!

August Lesson Plans: linky party

Can you believe some of us are already back in school? Returning to school with our students on August 1st made for a WILD week! To keep your life a little CALMER the fabulous Speech is Sweet is hosting a monthly lesson plan linky party just for you!!! Check out my lesson plans for August then head back over to her linky and see what other fabulous SLPs are planning for August! 
Since I work with mostly MIDDLE SCHOOL AND HIGH SCHOOL students in the schools and mostly elementary aged students in the private practice I will be providing you 2 different lessons: 1 for my middle and high school students and 1 for my private practice clients! After you look at my visual lesson plans scroll down to see an expanded version of the products I will be using and what I will be targeting with each product. For your convienece, I have added a hyperlink for each product so you can check it out with a simple mouse click!
Middle School and High School Lesson Plans for August

Language Progress Monitoring (Upper Tool) for Speech Language Therapy by Natalie Snyders: This will be used to determine baseline on various language skills. 

Articulation Progress Monitoring Tool for Speech Language Therapy for R by Natalie Snyders: This will be used to analyze the productions of the MANY students I have working on /r/.

Investigating Tier 2 Vocabulary with Context Clues by The Speech Owl: We are going to begin the year pre-teaching important Tier 2 vocabulary that my students will encounter throughout the school year as well as learning how to use context clues to define unknown vocabulary. With this product we will also be able to address the following skills: context clues, synonyms/antonyms, inferencing (what topics words relate to), answering basic comprehension questions, test taking strategies, and articulation. 

Social Skill Loops: Problem Solving and Perspective Taking by The Speech Bubble SLP: This will be used to discuss scenarios, discussing the best ways to address those scenarios and determine how others think and feel. 

Social Group Curriculum for Middle and High School Students by Nicole Allison: We will begin using this product to discuss conversational skills. 

Private Practice Lesson Plans for August

Nonfiction Endangered Animals for Language by The Speech Owl: With this product I will be focusing on the following skills: comprehension questions, main idea/details, summarizing, vocabulary, and using context clues.

No Print Back To School by The Speech Owl: With this product I will be focusing on the following skills: “Wh” questions, object functions, categories, synonyms/antonyms, and inferencing.

Describe Me! by The Speech Owl: With this product I will be focusing on teaching describing skills and practicing comparing and contrasting objects.

If You Take A Mouse To School: A Book Companion for Language by The Speech Owl: With this product and book (which is a separate purchase and needed for use with the companion) I will be focusing on comprehension questions, vocabulary, inferencing, pronouns, sequencing/retell, sentence structure, and same/different. 

What Am I Talk About? Inferencing and Vocabulary by The Speech Owl: With this product I will be focusing on inferencing and vocabulary based on Kindergarten-4th grade Tier 1 and Tier 2 vocabulary.

Verb Interactive Books by Speech Universe: With these books we will work on sentence structure, pronouns, and verb usage.

How Do Dinosaurs Say I’m Mad: A Book Companion for Language and Social Skills by The Speech Owl: I will be using this book companion and book (which is a separate purchase and needed for use with the companion) to address emotions, perspective taking, and types of problems.

Social Skill Problem Solving by Amy Haselden: With this product we will focus on emotions, facial expressions, inferencing, perspective taking and social appropriateness.  

Phew...that was a lot! I hope you have enjoyed seeing my plans for August and I hope you find them useful! Make sure you go back to Speech Is Sweet's linky party and see what other SLPs have in store for August!

BEST.YEAR.EVER What's in your cart linky party

How is summer over (or almost over for some of you)! I can't believe our students start on August 1st!!!! In order to help you overcome those summer ending blues and decrease your stress level, TPT is throwing a Best.Year.Ever Back to School Sale! This is the perfect time to grab everything you need to start the year on the right foot! My store, along many others, will be up to 28% off when you use the code BESTYEAR! Sale is August 1-2!!! Click on the image below to go check out my store! 
To help you better navigate some must have items during this sale Jenna at Speech Room News is throwing a "What's In Your Cart?" Linky Party!
Here are a few products from my store that I think will help you make it through the year:

Nonfiction Endangered Animals for Language is hot off the presses! I have been trying them out with my private clients and they have been a huge hit! They are perfect for 2-6th grade students! Look at all of the skills that can be addressed: reading comprehension, listening comprehension, vocabulary, context clues, research, informational text writing, main idea and details, summarizing, comparing and contrasting information and more! This packet covers 12 endangered animals and can cover weeks of instruction!
Investigating Tier 2 Vocabulary: Context Clues is perfect for your 5th-8th grade students (it can be used with high school students missing 5th-8th grade vocabulary as well)! With this product you can teach your students how to use context clues to increase understanding of curriculum vocabulary and material. You receive context sentences with both multiple choice answers and no answers provided. Check out this blog post to see more information!

Here are a few products I have my eye on:
1) Articulation Homework Flip Books from Speech Therapy Fun with Jennifer Bradley! I need some new articulation products and this looks perfect!
2) Social Problem Solving at School from Speechasaurus! I can never get enough pragmatic materials for my students! I love that this has a journal and a game! 
3) Articulation Kits Early Sounds k, g, f, v from The Speech Attic! I have soooo many students struggling with the production of k/g, so this should be exactly what I need! 
4) Kindergarten Speech and Language Screening from Sparklle SLP! This will prefect for determining what skills my little private clients need to work on! I can't wait to try this one out!
5) Mini Coloring Books for Prepositions by Speech Wonderland! I have several private clients working on prepositional concepts! This will be the perfect change of pace for us!

What do you have your eye on?!?! Now head back over to the linky party and see what other people have in their carts! Also, make sure you head over to THE SPEECH OWL store to find new materials you can't live with out!

Let's make this the BEST. YEAR. EVER!!!!!

Speechy and Teacher Appreciation Sale Linky Party

Who is ready for summer break to arrive?!?! I know I am! I love seeing my student’s every day, but I’m ready to relax! TPT is throwing a teacher (and SLP) appreciation sitewide sale on May 3rd and 4th to say “Thank You!” for all the hard work you’ve put in this year. This is the perfect chance to grab everything you need to finish planning for the year and to prepare homework packets for your students. My store, along with many others, will be discounted up to 28% when you use the code “CELEBRATE” at checkout. 
To help you better navigate some must have items during this sale The Frenzied SLPs are hosting a linky party to show what we are excited about it. 

Here are a few products from my store that I think will help you make it through the year:

  1. Splashing Into Language Print and Go: This no prep packet pairs perfectly with my Splashing Into Language No Print or it can be used as a standalone product. There is no extra time needed for this one...just print and go. Not only does it have worksheets addressing multiple language skills but it also has parent letters for each skill.   
  2. Describe Me! A mini-lesson and game of attributes: This is one is brand new in my store! It contains a mini- lesson to help your students learn how to describe as well as a fun board game to practice those description skills. My students have had a blast with this one!
Here are a few products I have my eye on:
1) Articulation Scoops from Speech Is Sweet! I need some quick and easy summer homework for a few of my prek speech only students and this looks like it will be perfect!
2) Categories! from Speech Universe! I recently bought her Verb Interactive Books and they have been amazing for several of my private practice kids! I can't wait to see how well they do with this one! 

What do you have your eye on?!?!

Thanks for all you do everyday! 

Happy Teacher (and SLP) Appreciation Week!