Wild About Books Wednesday...Mooseltoe

Today I am linking up with Scarlett from Speech Is Sweet for your weekly installment of the “Wild About Books Wednesday” linky party! I’ve been absent for the past few weeks but I am so glad to be back today, talking about one of my favorite books to use before Christmas! This book is always a crowd pleaser in my therapy sessions...Do you know what book it is?

It’s ..... Mooseltoe by Margie Palatini!!!!!! If you haven’t read this book before, you are missing out! I love it and so do ALL of my kids! 

In this story Moose is all about the holiday spirit! He shops, he bakes, he decorates...but...boy, oh boy does he make a mistake! You will have to read this book with your student’s to find out Moose’s mistake and the hilarious solution he comes up with! 

Guess what?!?! Yes...I have a book companion in my TPT store to help you out! It even comes in both color and black and white!!! Click here to check it out
Here are a few ways I use this book in my therapy sessions:

*Sequencing- We read the story then we use the story retell mat found in my book companion to correctly sequence and retell this silly story! 
*Comprehension Questions- Some of my kiddos can expressively answer the questions about the story but some of them need visual choices in order to answer comprehension questions. 
*Following Directions with Prepositions- So many of my kiddos need to work on both following directions and prepositions...let’s combine the skills together!
*Same and Different: I have several kids who struggle with finding objects that are the same and finding objects that are different. 
*Synonyms and Antonyms: Vocabulary is always a major focus in our therapy sessions! 
What else can we work on?

*Inferencing (in book companion)
*Categories (in book companion)
*Figurative language (not in book companion)

How would you use this book in therapy?

See you soon!

The Speech Owl