Monday, December 15, 2014

S...Peachy Feedback and a Christmas Sale!!!!!

S...Peachy Feedback!!!

Today I am linking up with Nicole over at Speech Peeps for “S...Peachy Feedback”!!!
S...Peachy Feedback is a monthly linky party where TPT sellers celebrate insightful and encouraging feedback on Teachers Pay Teachers products. Every month I will choose one person to win a FREE product from my store!

I love all of the great feedback! Keep it coming!

This months winner is TPT buyer AMY C! Look what she had to say!!! Amy C. email me at
I love the feedback she left on my NO Print Snowman Language Packet! Click here to see
the Language Packet. 

Keep leaving that great feedback and maybe your feedback will be picked next month!

I have one other exciting thing to tell you about...I am putting all of my Christmas themed book companions on sale for 40% off until Friday! 
Don’t forget to stop by Speech Peeps and check out everyone else’s blog posts!

See you Soon!!!

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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Wild About Books Wednesday...Mooseltoe

Today I am linking up with Scarlett from Speech Is Sweet for your weekly installment of the “Wild About Books Wednesday” linky party! I’ve been absent for the past few weeks but I am so glad to be back today, talking about one of my favorite books to use before Christmas! This book is always a crowd pleaser in my therapy sessions...Do you know what book it is?

It’s ..... Mooseltoe by Margie Palatini!!!!!! If you haven’t read this book before, you are missing out! I love it and so do ALL of my kids! 

In this story Moose is all about the holiday spirit! He shops, he bakes, he decorates...but...boy, oh boy does he make a mistake! You will have to read this book with your student’s to find out Moose’s mistake and the hilarious solution he comes up with! 

Guess what?!?! Yes...I have a book companion in my TPT store to help you out! It even comes in both color and black and white!!! Click here to check it out
Here are a few ways I use this book in my therapy sessions:

*Sequencing- We read the story then we use the story retell mat found in my book companion to correctly sequence and retell this silly story! 
*Comprehension Questions- Some of my kiddos can expressively answer the questions about the story but some of them need visual choices in order to answer comprehension questions. 
*Following Directions with Prepositions- So many of my kiddos need to work on both following directions and prepositions...let’s combine the skills together!
*Same and Different: I have several kids who struggle with finding objects that are the same and finding objects that are different. 
*Synonyms and Antonyms: Vocabulary is always a major focus in our therapy sessions! 
What else can we work on?

*Inferencing (in book companion)
*Categories (in book companion)
*Figurative language (not in book companion)

How would you use this book in therapy?

See you soon!

The Speech Owl

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

What's in your cart? Linky Party

Thanksgiving is a time for family, friends and fun! It’s also a time for shopping...lots and lots of shopping! On December 1st and 2nd, TPT is having their huge site wide sale! You can save up to 28% off everything in my store if you use the code TPTcyber!!!! To help you prepare for the sale, Jenna at Speech Room News is throwing a “What’s in your cart” linky party! Keep reading to see what you NEED from my store and what I NEED from other stores!
Here are a few of the products in my store I am super excited about:

1) No Print Snowman Language: Receptive and Expressive
I am so excited about this addition to my store! There is absolutely NO prepping for it! NO printing, NO cutting, and NO laminating! Just download it to your computer or iPad and use the links to navigate through the various receptive and expressive language skills! This packet is especially great for grades 1-4! Filled with 12 different receptive and expressive language skills, this will be my go to for a ton of skills this winter! (Click the picture to link to my product.)
2) Mooseltoe: A Book Companion For Language
If you have never read this book, it is time! This book is a favorite among my students of all ages. One of the best things about this book companion is you get both a color and black/white copy! You can decide how much or how little ink you want to use. This companion is full of language skills for all the students on your caseload. Check out this blog post review from Lyndsey at Speech to the Core by clicking here! (Click the picture to link to my product.)

Want to see what’s in my cart?! 
1) Winter Print and Go Language Pack from Speech Made Simple looks amazing! It’s filled with a ton of different language targets!
2) Oral Progress Monitoring by Speech to the Core, looks like a staple in this progress monitoring world we work in!
3) The Village Tree- Digital eBook and Companion Activities from GoldCountrySLP looks like a steal! She created this book herself! How amazing is that! 
4) Snowmen at Christmas: Book Companion from Speech Is Sweet will definitely be a go to before winter break! Scarlett’s stuff is always amazing! 
Don’t forget to see what everyone else has in their carts by heading back over to the linky party!

What’s in your cart?!

See you soon, 
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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

5-Star Ideas for SLP's: Snowmen All Year book companion by Speech Made Simple

Today is the last day of school before Thanksgiving break here in Tennessee! Some of you are off all this week while others of us work part of the week. What are your Thanksgiving plans? I have some big plans...I’m prepping everything I need for therapy from now until Christmas/Winter Break! This time of year gets so crazy, I’m trying to decrease a little of the stress and anxiety! 

To help you with planning, some of my favorite SLPs decided to do a little product swap. Check out all 10 of our 5 star product reviews (links at the end of the post) to see what you MUST have for your therapy sessions! 

I am so excited that I get to review a great Book Companion (Snowmen All Year) from the super talented Brittany at Speech Made Simple! If you haven’t checked out her TPT store you need to (click here)! Don't forget to click the star next to her picture to follow her while you're there. 

The “Snowmen All Year book companion” was created to be used with the book “Snowmen All Year” by Caralyn Buehner. In this adorable book, a little boy wants his snowman to last all year long so he can play with him, teach him new things and take him new places. Brittany did a great job making the book companion compliment the book!
I love all of the different skills addressed in this book companion! It makes it so much easier when I can address the many different needs of my students with a single product! Look at all the skills we can work on...

*Comprehension Questions 
*Yes/No Questions
*Following Directions
*Verb Tense
*Writing AND

Because I was short on prep time this week I didn’t even cut the cards apart for most of these tasks. (Cut out the cards for each task and throw in her “lose a turn” cards and you have an instant SLP game!)

Three lucky groups participated in giving the companion a try!
Here are some pictures to show you some of the things we did....

We answered the comprehension questions (I wrote initials on each card) and placed a blue smiley face on the card for a correct answer and a green smiley face on the card if a prompt was required. I love the variety of questions she included! The best part...the kids loved it! 
We filled in the appropriate pronouns: Writing practice and pronoun practice in one...WIN for the SLP! 
We followed directions and worked on prepositions! There were 4 worksheets so we could decide what picture we wanted to work on! (We didn’t have time to color but we did cut and paste.)
*We worked on categories with these fun worksheets! (Again...we didn’t have time to color.) There are several category worksheets...we only had time for one. 
*We talked about how a snowman and a snowball are similar and different! The kids were amazing on this one! (I wasn’t sure how we would do since we don’t get a lot of snow here.) Brittany included 2 more graphic organizers for mittens vs. hats and winter vs. summer as well! 
*We even used this fun game board to reinforce our articulation practice!
We seriously had so much fun reading this book and using this book companion in our therapy sessions this week! This one is definitely going into the therapy plans! Make sure you grab a copy by clicking here!!!!! You don’t want to miss this one!

Want to see what my friend Lyndsey had to say about my book companion for Mooseltoe?! Click here

And...make sure you stop by the rest of the blogs while you're at it. Just click the links at the bottom of all our blog posts! 

See you soon! 
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Friday, November 21, 2014

A look at my week...

Happy Friday!!!! I am so sad that I am not at ASHA right now, but I’m looking on the bright side and remembering it’s FRIDAY! Around here, Friday means a few things....1) it’s the WEEKEND, 2) it’s time for the “FIVE for Friday” Linky Party with DoodleBugs Teaching 
and 3) it’s time for the “Week in Review” Linky Party with Old School Speech

I haven’t been so great at keeping up with it lately but I’m here today! So let’s get started...

This week in Tennessee it has been a little crazy. We’ve had “snow” 2 times this week. By “snow” I mean there was a trace on the ground. Here in the south we don’t get tons of we do see some, the kids get a little SILLY! 
That is all we got...not even enough for a snowball! 
My favorite old lady and my favorite little mouse came for a visit this week! We worked on vocabulary, sequencing, comprehension questions and sooooo much more. 
Click on the image to visit my TPT store and grab the companions! It’s not to late! 
In our Lifeskills Speech/OT group we learned about cornucopias. 
Since the cornucopia was a symbol of a successful harvest we, discussed fruits and vegetables and filled our cornucopia with things that can be harvested. Depending on the kid they “put in”, labeled or identified the fruit vs the vegetable. 
Then for the OT piece the kids made their own cornucopias out of brown lunch bags. Just like the one above. 
For one lucky group we moved on to snowmen. My friend, Brittany, over at Speech Made Simple has a fantastic book companion for Snowmen all Year by Caralyn Buehner. I’ll be writing a review of this companion early next week so make sure to stop by and check it out! 
Want to grab a copy for yourself?...Click here or on the image.
Last but not least....I received this!!!! 
The warehouse sale may be one of my favorite times of year! This children’s book junkie can’t wait...but I have to...for a few more weeks anyway!

How was your week?!?!?!

See you soon!

The Speech Owl

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

I Know An Old Lady Who Swallowed A Pie and Book Companion

Come and get it!!!! It’s almost Thanksgiving and that means families and friends are going to be sitting around the table, sharing stories and eating lots and lots of food! 

Lets take a look at a Thanksgiving staple in many classrooms and speech/language rooms...”I Know An Old Lady Who Swallowed A Pie” by Alison Jackson. This book is hilarious! How many crazy things can one old lady eat? She eats everything from the turkey to the pie to a pot. Why, oh why, does she eat all of this?! Surely she’ll get sick...or at least turn into a Thanksgiving parade balloon! What?! Does that even make sense?! You and your students will laugh along with this old lady all the way through Thanksgiving!

There are so many language skills to address with this book! I have found book companions to be the easiest, most structured way to address many of my student’s language goals. 

And guess what?! I have a book companion perfect for this book! Let’s take a peek and see how I am going to use this book in therapy sessions...
(Click the above image or any of the pages to go to my TPT store)
*We are going to work on receptive and expressive vocabulary related to the story and Thanksgiving! 
*We are going to use the visuals to correctly sequence the story and then the kids are going to retell the story! 
*We are going to answer what and why questions related to the story! 
*We are going to work on same and different and talk about how you compare and contrast with my older kids. 
*We are going to work on categorizing! The kids get to cut out the visuals and put them in the correct place on the category mats!
*We are going to work on rhyming! We’re going to use the words found in the story and identify or generate rhyming words!
*We are going to work on inferencing with Thanksgiving foods!
*Some of my friends are going to work on plural nouns with sentence prompts!
*Some of my friends are going to complete a writing prompt about the story or Thanksgiving. 
How will you use this book in your therapy sessions?

Head over to my TPT store to see more information about this book companion! (Click Here)

See you soon! 

The Speech Owl